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Usage Instruction English

Please read the entire leaflet carefully before using this product as it contains important information.

1. What is Vitoria Organic Oil?

Vitoria Organic Oil is the ideal natural product if you are looking for a solution to stop hair loss or to regrow your hair in record time, with continuous results even after you stop using it. It also treats stubborn dandruff, eliminates excess sebum and also improves the nature of the hair. Vitoria Organic Oil is effective in all cases of baldness, even hereditary.

2. Precautions for use :

*instructions for use

– Take a clear picture of your hair from above before starting the treatment, such as this picture to compare with a similar picture after two months of treatment.

– Make sure that all the hair is the same length so that it is nourished in the same way (very necessary) before starting the treatment to see satisfactory results.

– Failure to do so will make the results very modest unfortunately, (especially for men who resort to long hair to cover the gap)

– Eat well before using it (very necessary) to get quick results and avoid the drop in blood pressure and blood sugar caused by the peppermint oil.

– Hair must be completely dry and free of any substance.

– Wet the entire hair and scalp with oil, even areas that do not suffer from baldness

– The oil should be put on any area of the scalp, even the sides and back, and should be put on the scalp and hair and not on the scalp only, with a light massage to get the oil into the scalp – cover the hair with a plastic bag (use of the bag is necessary)

-Wash the hair after half an hour with shampoo, not just water.the shampoo should be thick and not light (i.e. not watery), so make sure to use a well-known and original brand.

– Please observe all that is indicated in the method of use, as failure to observe any of the above conditions will affect the effectiveness of the Vitoria Bio oil.

– Vitoria Organic Oil stops pathological hair loss from the first use (the remaining automatic natural hair loss, which does not exceed 30 hairs per day), so you can be sure that your use has been correct.

– Vitoria Organic oil needs natural proteins to regrow hair: meat, chicken, eggs, milk, fish, cheese… Therefore, a balanced and appropriate nutrition is necessary when using it for hair growth.

– After using Vitoria Organic Oil for a fortnight, a break of two weeks is necessary for better hair growth.

Precautions for use:

-Not to be used by pregnant and nursing women and children under 10 years of age

-Eat well before use.

-For external use only

-Do not leave within the reach of children.

– Never use with other oils

– Do not use on wet scalp, it must be completely dry

– The hair does not have to be clean before use, but it must be free of other substances (cream, gel, etc.). ….

– If the hair is very greasy, it is a good idea to wash the hair before using Vitoria Bio oil, taking care to dry it completely before applying Vitoria Bio oil.

– It is best to put a woolen cap or hat over the plastic bag to warm up the hair while applying the Vitoria Bio oil, in order to obtain better results.

– Vitoria Bio Oil alone is sufficient to stop hair loss and regrow hair, but it is possible to add nutritional supplements such as iron, folic acid, biotin and vitamin D, among others, and to ensure that the iron reserves are over 70.

– For patients with BG hypothyroidism, or hyperthyroidism, Vittoria Organic Oil is very effective and makes the hair strong and will not be affected by any hormones.

– Covering the hair with a hat or cap during the treatment does not affect the effectiveness of the Vitoria Bio oil, provided that it is washed well to remove any fungus that is embedded.

– You will feel a burning and cooling sensation when using it, which is normal and a good indication that it will give good results.

– For women: This oil does not regrow facial hair, but avoid contact with arms and legs as it increases hair density and length.

– For women: Since most women have long hair, filling in the gaps

– For women: As most women have long hair, the filling of the gaps will only become apparent to the naked eye when the hair that has appeared after using the oil becomes longer, i.e. after 3 or 4 months or more.

– Please reduce the hair length as much as possible before starting the treatment so that you do not have to buy more bottles.

– Hair that grows after using the oil does not fall out and returns to its original natural colour.

– Please use with caution in diabetic patients and in patients with low blood pressure and high blood pressure, and eat before using it, as peppermint oil lowers blood sugar and blood pressure.

– The use of this oil increases the appetite because the blood reaches the scalp properly, which needed nutrients for hair growth.

– For sportsmen, you should double your portion of proteins (meat, white meat…) in a meal, because proteins are essential for hair growth.

– After the first use of Vitoria Bio Oil, pathological hair loss disappears completely after the first use (natural hair loss remains, which does not exceed 30 hairs per day), so you can be sure that your use was correct.

Caution: please do not use it in case of poor nutrition and in case of dieting, and in case of severe anaemia, during menstruation and postpartum days.

-Do not to use it with minoxidil, and if this happens and you are a minoxidil user, please stop it gradually after starting to use Vitoria Organic Oil.

– This oil is also used to prevent hereditary alopecia.

– When using this oil, please apply and distribute it on the scalp and hair with a light massage (not a strong massage) to ensure its penetration into the scalp.

– Leave the oil on the hair for only half an hour and a maximum of 45 minutes for best results (please respect this condition)

– If you are suffering from hair loss with loss of density and dandruff simultaneously, you will need more bottles than usual.

– The use of Minoxidil before, even 20 years ago, in this case the hair will need more bottles of Vitoria Organic oil, because the hair takes time to get rid of the harmful effects of Minoxidil,

(Vitoria Organic oil eliminates the effects of Minoxidil permanently over time)

– Vittoria Organic oil even treats very advanced baldness, provided there are open pores on the scalp for the hair to come out, but if you suffer from very very advanced baldness and have already used Minoxidil, We do not recommend using Vitoria oil as you will need a large number of vials for a result that may be modest and probably not more than the appearance of small hairs. This note also applies to people with total baldness who have previously used Minoxidil.

– Do not use with a dermaroller.

– This oil gives better, stronger and longer lasting results than minoxidil or any other treatment, and they do not disappear after stopping it.

-Vitoria oil stops hair loss on the first use for all clients, but for those who used minoxidil before, the hair loss decreases and does not stop completely and 30% of the regrowth falls off, until the effects of minoxidil disappear over time, which means they need a few more bottles than those who have never used minoxidil before.

-Hair growth starts to appear in the back of the head (vertex) first, then moves forward, so if you suffer from thinning hair in the front and back, you will notice the results in the back area first.

– If you want to reduce the forehead only, i.e. your hair does not lack density and the large forehead is a problem for you, in this case use oil only once or twice on the whole hair, then complete by putting it on the empty area only every night for example, after eating, you put drops on the empty area, you make a light massage to make the oil penetrate, Cover it with a plastic bag and wash it with shampoo after half an hour.

– For eyebrows, use it an hour or two before going to bed and wash it off in the morning.

– For eyelashes and total hair loss, please contact us for the correct method of use.

– This oil stops hair loss on the first use, but if the loss is severe and has not stopped on the first use, please use it for three consecutive days, then proceed according to the degree of baldness.

– The first use is very important, so use a sufficient and abundant amount on the first use (almost half a bottle), then divide what is left in the bottle into 5 or 6 uses or less if the hair is long.

– Vittoria Organic Oil is used on the entire hair and scalp, which means that no area of the head should be left unmoistened with oil, even the sides and hair at the back, even if there is no gap in these areas, Failure to comply with this or any of the previous conditions will lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of the Vittoria Bio oil, and therefore the results will be poor.

– After the first use, the pathological loss will disappear definitively, and after a few days only the natural loss will return, which, as we have already mentioned, does not exceed 30 hairs.

– It is very important to follow the method of use in its entirety in order to see the desired results and to be sure that the use is correct.

The number of times to use per week, depending on the condition of the hair

Please refer to the pictures in the Arabic Notice.

-(1) photo of alopecia: once a week on the whole hair to stop the hair loss and make sure that the alopecia does not reappear.

The other days, on the area of hair loss only (the days when it is not used on the whole hair), we bring a sterile compress, we rub the area well until a slight redness appears. We put a few drops of Vitoria Bio oil and we make a light massage until the oil penetrates the skin (a burning sensation will start after that, don’t worry), then we leave the oil and don’t wash, and the process is repeated 4 or 5 consecutive days, then we stop 4 or 5 days to let the hair grow and we continue after 4 or 5 days and we make a break the same

days and so on until the hair grows back, then you stop.

(2)In case of short hair :

Photo of thinning hair: if you have lost about 10% of your hair, like the photo. Or you have an empty area or several areas, with a percentage of 10% loss of density, or you have the beginning of hair loss only, the use of Vitoria Bio oil is only once a week, and after every fortnight of use, you stop using it for a fortnight.

(2-1)Photo of hair more than light: if you have lost about 30% of your hair, like the photo. Or you have one or more empty areas at 30%. Vitoria Bio Oil is used only twice a week (every third day), and after every fortnight of use, you stop using it for a fortnight.

(2-2)Photo of very light and advanced hair: if you have lost 50% or more of your hair, as shown in the photo. Or you have one or more empty areas of 50% or more. The use of Vitoria Bio oil is 3 times a week (every other day), and after every fortnight of use, you stop using it for a fortnight.

(3)A completely bald person: In this case and when there are no open pores for the hair to come out, there is no point in using Vitoria Bio Oil

(4) – In the case of long hair:

(1-4) thinning hair: if you have lost approximately 10 per cent of your hair, like the picture. Or you have one empty area or several areas of 10 per cent or the beginning of hair loss only, use Vittoria Bio Oil once a week only and after every two weeks of use, stop using it for two weeks.

(2-4) More than thinning hair: If you have lost approximately 30 per cent of your hair, like the picture. Or you have one area that is thinning or several areas of 30 per cent. Use Vittoria Bio Oil only twice a week (one day on three days), and after every two weeks of use, discontinue use for two weeks.

(3-4) very thinning hair and advanced baldness: If you have lost 50 per cent of your hair or more like the picture. Or you have one empty area or several areas of 50 per cent or more. Use Vittoria Bio Oil only 3 times a week (one day at a time), and after every two weeks of use, discontinue use for two weeks.

Note: As mentioned earlier about the delay in hair growth in the frontal area, because hair growth is from the back to the front and not the other way around. Therefore, if you want to accelerate hair growth in the frontal area, you should use the oil on the whole hair once, twice or three times a week, depending on your case.

On other days you use it on the frontal area only after eating and before going to bed for example, every night you put drops on the empty area of the forehead, you make a light massage to make the oil penetrate into the scalp, cover it with a plastic bag and wash it with shampoo after half an hour and it is not necessary that the use is every night.

– After recovering your hair with Vitoria Organic Oil, please visit our website or page to receive useful tips and instructions.